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  • Sardam (seat of Morshed)


How to perform Zurkhaneh sports

Zurkhaneh sports are played individually and also in groups. They are divided based on whether or not they use accessories in two groups:

  • Accessory-activities including Sang Gereftan, Milgiri, Shena and Kabbadeh Zadan
  • Non-accessory-activities including stretching and warm up, foot tapping, spinning and heroic

Zurkhaneh sports in group are played in twelve stages as follows:

  1. Entrance to the field, coordination, installment and Jargeh Zadan
  2. Sang Giri
  3. Sheno (Sarnavazi, Pich and Jofti)
  4. On-stick warm-up (Poshte takhteh warm-up)
  5. Mil Bazi
  6. Mil Giri (Sangin, Shallaghi, Mil warm up)
  7. Foot tapping (different techniques and forms)
  8. Spinning of all sorts (Tiz, Chamani, Takfer)
  9. Last foot
  10. Kabbadeh
  11. Performance of heroic wrestling techniques
  12. Prayer

Zurkhaneh sports performed individually are as follows:

  1. Sang Gereftan
  2. Kabbadeh Keshi
  3. Mil Bazi
  4. Mil Giri Sangin
  5. Spinning (Tiz, Chamani)
  6. Heroic wrestling in different weights